Facebook : Best Social Networking sites and its tricks

This article on the DigiScrapChat is about Facebook tricks and tips :

so learn few Facebook tricks which can help you to use the giant social networking site best and fast , there you will learn all the good tips , do share with you friends and educate them about the FB posts and tricks . This is a very useful tutorial available online . So here ar few FB Tricks for 2016 year .

FB Tricks :

So here is trick for all of the users , when you use the Facebook and forget the password of your Facebook account then here is the trick for you to manage to recover the Facebook account password within the few steps and it can be done in the few seconds . So learn on Change Facebook password  .

Change Facebook user name :

You can even change the FB username with a simple method and it can be done in few minutes and it is very useful to do so . So here you will learn on how to change the Facebook username in few steps . But remember if the Username of your FB profile is changed then you cannot change it till other six months .

Change Profile Pic :

You can change the profile pic or Profile image of your Facebook account simply and it can be done in the few minutes. You can change Profile image of you Facebook account in the easy steps and its very useful to trick from the digiscrapchat . You can change FB password

These are the few tricks for the FB (Facebook ) and we will arrange you the and get more Facebook tricks in few minutes and it will be very much helpful for you to get and use the Facebook extensively .

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